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Hi, Hey, Hello! I'm Jason, and I'm really bad at describing myself as a person. I'm going through some jive ass mental biz right now, but I'm getting back up my pony. I'm 19, and reside, currently, in Florida. I'm nervous around new people, and I suck at communication. I like a lot of stuff, and things. Let's be friends. Stay saucy.


Looks like I stumbled across an extra key of both LIMBO and BASTION.

These copies are for PC and you need to have a Steam account to receive them!

For those of you who haven’t heard of either games, I will give a short description of both:

Limbo is a Puzzle-Platformer/2D Sidescroller, developed by Playdead, in which you take control of a nameless boy that wakes up in the middle of a dark forest. You seek out the location of your missing sister, while traversing the eerie environments and encountering other mysterious humans and hazardous monsters. 

Bastion is an ARPG, developed by Supergiant Games, where you play as a young character named “The Kid” and play through floating, fantasy-themed areas and fight many different types of enemies. Featuring a dynamic voice-over from a narrator, the story follows the Kid as he travels to recreate a structure called the Bastion after a catastrophic event, called the Calamity.

Both are wonderful indie games, both with great art styles and beautiful settings. I think everyone should have a chance to experience these games!

I will be raffling them separately. One raffle for Bastion. One raffle for Limbo.

I will choose the winners in 4 Days! So, make sure you pay attention to your messages this Friday! The Deadline may change if I decide to extend it.

So, here are the rules:

When I have chosen the winners, I will contact them for their steam information through tumblr. If you do not reply within 24 hours of the message, I will choose someone else. I will then add you through steam and run you through the process of redeeming steam keys to receive the game you win. 

So, let it commence!

Please pay attention to the original post, in case I edit some information later through the next few days!

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    Will be announcing the winners tonight!
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    I’d love to win Limbo! Definitely my type of game.
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    Hoping for Limbo, I’ve heard good things about it